Code Of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct
From Bruno Le Briere, Managing Director.

Welcome to Wilitec’s new Code of Conduct.
This is our guide to doing the right thing in business. It is a must-read and a must-follow for all of us, directors, officers, and employees of the company. Nothing is more important to Wilitec than making sure we do what is right – and nothing puts us at risk more than failure to do so.
You’ll notice the Code is shorter and simpler, but no less vital. That’s because we are focused on the most important principles and expectations rather than specifying detailed rules. I believe that Wilitec people are fully capable of making the right decisions when faced with difficult choices and that they will be guided by their good judgement. But we should never feel that we must ‘go it alone when we are unsure of what is the right thing to do. One of the responsibilities we share is to seek guidance from our managers or other internal sources when we need it. Please have the courage to speak up if you see anything that appears to breach this Code. Your concerns will be considered seriously – and Wilitec will not tolerate retaliation against anyone. Our values and behaviours are the foundation for our Code. They define how each of us must act to ensure that Wilitec sustains its reputation and continues to earn the trust that allows us to prosper as a company. As you read this Code, be guided by its expectations and continue to live out our values in your work every day.