Quality Policy

Quality Policy
From Bruno Le Briere, Managing Director.

Wilitec Top Management is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in all aspect of its operations by a services delivery that fully meets customer expectations for Health, Safety, environment protection and overall Quality service. Our goal are to:
• Ensure the availability of adequate, suitable resources (personnel and equipment) to maintain and improve the effectiveness of our service delivery,
• Identify and assess risks associated with our activities to ensure appropriate mitigation and control measures are in place,
• Comply with a local regulatory and customer specified requirements,
• Strive to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system

This will achieved through the following processes:
• Development of best practices and new dedicated techniques,
• Optimized documentation and the communication of acquired knowledge,
• Continuous monitoring of key performance indicator through customer satisfaction surveys, utilization ratios, service validation and product conformity reports,
• Encouraging staff to identify opportunities for improvement and Preventive action.

Top Management will demonstrate leadership and commitment towards “Excellence in Action”-thus simulating our employees to exceed customer expectations and achieve their best potential.

Wilitec aims to be the leading company in the Oil & Gas industry in terms of quality management and being recognized as such by our clients.