Triplex Pump 10,000psi

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WILITEC PTE LTD offers a wide range of pump unit zone2 ATEX and
certified DNVGL2.7-1/EN10855 up to 10,000psi.
Various configuration can be proposed depending of the location
and the maximum power, from single lift package to two or three pieces unit .
Diesel engine, hydraulic transmission, triplex pump and
manifolding are designed to meet customers requirements.
The compact pump unit has been designed fully containerized.
The frame incorporates forklift pockets and lifting padeyes. 


Triplex Pump Description

The triplex pump is a precision designed and manufactured product, which if properly operated will give safe, reliable operation.
Due to its positive displacement characteristics and high pressure capabilities, care must be taken in its application, installation and operation.
Mounted in a certified and fully enclosed structure, the pump unit is driven by a wireline/slickline powerpack, open or closed loop hydraulic system, and zone 2 rated (modular concept).
Rig up will consist in hydraulic hoses connection only between pump skid and powerpack.

The triplex pump is controlled thru an hydraulic control system, similar to the winch control.
The pump is configured to provide the pressure and flowrate as per the customer’s specifications.
(plunger size, relief valve, safety valve, power engine rating).
Many options can be proposed :
Instrumentations recorder flowrate and pressure outlet fluid
IBC tank (chemical) and flush tank
Configuration installation between winch and powerpack with selector winch/powerpack
Hydraulic hose reel HP for the fluid outlet