Container Wireline 15ft

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The Wilitec Container Wireline 15ft has been designed for e-line or heavy fishing activities. The single drum can accommodate up to 30,000ft of 5/16" cable and is similar to the drum BC08 NOV ASEP.
The wireline unit is single lift package; the container has 3 compartments : power pack, winch and cabin.
The closed loop electro-hydraulic system is based on a rugged variable displacement motor & pump (400bars) for heavy duty jobs requiring high speed, fast acceleration, low speed for stable logging and as well high pull force.

Depth and tension display are made with the Winchpad system to display in real-time depth and cable tension and speed. Mechanical Veeder Root and hydraulic dial indicator are optional for back-up system.

Various measuring heads can be used , single wheel, double wheels or inline systems.

Slickline up to 0.160"
Braided line up to 5/16"
Monoconductor line up to 5/16"