Stuffing box


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The Wilitec e-stuffing box has been designed to replace the costly measuring head integrating all mechanical and electronic measurements, reducing the cost of the unit and the footprint, increasing the lifespan of the cable. All measurements depth & cable tension have been integrated in the stuffing box. Just a basic level wind system is installed on the winch for good spooling and optionally a depth back-up system.


  • Load Pin stainless steel IP68 ATEX 50kN
  • Inductive incremental angle measuring system ATEX 1000pulses
  • 20” sheave Aluminium 7075 High specifications (16” optional)
  • Compatible for all slickline cables up to 0.160” and braidedline & monoconductor 7/32”
  • Compatible with many stuffing box such as Eziload Hunting, Quickload NOV,…
  • Compatible with WinchPad data acquisition system Wilitec