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The WILITEC lightweight wireline unit has been designed for slickline activities where the weight or the footprint are very important. The unit is a dual lift packs, a winch and a power pack; and are very suitable for all onshore and offshore operations in all conditions.

The Close Loop Hydraulic system is based on a rugged variable displacement motor (400bars- 5800psi) for a wide range of application. It allows running at high speed, performing fast acceleration and stable logging at low speed.

The Power pack is equipped with a zone 2 equipments which are Maintenance Free. This technology is unique and patented. The Upper Frame of the power pack can be easily disconnected from the base skid to facilitate the maintenance of the power pack.

Fully DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 certified, the steel frame is suitable for offshore and onshore operations.


Details Specification

Power Pack

  • Engine 4 cylinders PERKINS 1104C44
  • Engine 64KW@2400trs/mn (85HP)
  • Engine protection zone2 EN1834-1– Z2 IIB T3
  • Spring Starter High Performance
  • Compressor 220cm3 fitted on engine PTO
  • Air receiver 20liters 10bar safety
  • Diesel Tank Capacity 105L
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity 95L
  • Engine Control:  Start / Stop/ Hour counter / oil pressure gauge / Coolant temperature gauge

Features & Benefit

  • Frame fully certified DNV 2.7-1 or EN12079
  • Compatible Zone2 or UL Class1 Division 2
  • Frame in 2 two parts, base skid and upper frame, for easy maintenance
  • Free Maintenance Zone 2 Equipments : no need to clean the flame trap after each job or weekly

Hydraulic Drive System

  • Close Loop Hydraulic system
  • Powerful 400 bars (5800psi)
  • Variable Displacement Pump
  • Low Maintenance system


  • Starter Air / Hydraulic / Electric
  • Auxiliary drive 120 HP with Engine 1104C44 turbo
  • Jacking wheels
  • Monitoring system