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The WILITEC Slickline Spooling Device  is designed to provide a complete spooling system for application where a slickline only needs to be spooled under controlled tension from a standard shipping drum onto the wireline drum or from the wireline unit onto the shipping drum (unspooling).
The tensioning system is very important as we have to monitor the tension during the operation with the Wilitec Winchpad system (data acquisition system installed on the winch) in order to deliver a spooling certificate to the customer.
The spooler is suitable for onshore, offshore or workshop operations with the appropriate and separate hydraulic power pack.


Dimensions & Weight (excluding shipping drum & cable)
dimensions (L x  W x H)      m        1.65m x 1.10m x 1.24m                 ft     5.41 x 3.61 x 4.07
weight                                  kg               400                                         lbs          882

Spooling device

  • Equipment designed for Non Zoned area.
  • Standard configuration can operate in -10deg.C to +50deg.C.
  • No Forklift pockets, but can use forklift.
  • 4 lifting points.
  • Tie down point integrated in frame.
  • Manufactured in steel frame construction.
  • Open end design to easily install or remove all standard drums.
  • Operator friendly package design.
  • Tensioning system (capstan) on sliding rails, capstan inside during storage, half outside during operation.
  • Equipped with control panel.
  • Suitable for any type of cable between 0.092” and 0.140” diameter.
  • Maximum cable tension between the shipping drum and the tensioning system (capstan) : 100lbs.
  • Back tension achieved using a caliper brake and pin locking system (no clutch) .
  • Unspooling operation from the wireline unit to the shipping drum using the hydraulic motor.
  • External Hydraulic PowerPack , open loop type pump (slickline power pack).
  • Capstan

  • Iron casting wheel 500mm (20in dia);
  • 5 active grooves on upper wheel and 4 active grooves on lower wheel.
  • Manual hydraulically operated tensioning capstan via two band brake and an hydraulic piston.
  • Maximum cable tension between the capstan and the wireline unit : 1000lbs.

  • Features & Benefits

  • Very Compact solution for spooling slickline cables requiring only power pack for unspooling.
  • Compatible with many shipping drums. Easy transportation of the spooler, even on the field.